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기아 3세대 K5 LPi 시승기 KIA K5 LPi Review

기아 3세대 K5 LPi 시승기 입니다.
전문 시승기가 아닌 일반인이 느끼는 K5 LPi 입니다.
KIA K5 LPi Review

#기아 #K5 #LPi

~세기의 대결~ 기아 K5 LPG 모델 vs 가솔린 모델 │ 김한용의 LPG RE;VIEW EP. 3

기아자동차 세단의 품격, K5 모델!

정교한 디자인부터 최상의 퍼포먼스까지 모든 것을 갖춘 이 모델..
카탈로그로는 정말 좋아 보이는데… 정말 좋긴 할까?
그리고, LPG 모델은?

이제는 단순 시승을 떠나 LPG 모델과 가솔린 모델을
완벽히 비교하여 그 후기를 전달 드립니다!

참, 김한용 편집장이 전하는 ‘용’s 레이팅’도 놓치지 마시구요!

E1 Official Page: https://www.e1.co.kr
E1 Orange Card Official Page: https://www.e1orangecard.co.kr

김한용의 LPG RE;VIEW ℗ E1 Corporation

Attack Helicopter Ka-52 Alligator ⚔️ Russian Air Force [Review]

Ka-52 Alligator is an all-weather attack helicopter operated by the Russian Air Force. Developed by Kamov Design Bureau, #Ka52 is a twin-seat variant of the Ka-50 attack helicopter.
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In the early 1980s, while the comparative tests of the V-80 (Ka-50 prototype) and the Mi-28 were still ongoing, the Kamov design team came up with a proposal to develop a dedicated helicopter to conduct battlefield reconnaissance, provide target designation, support and co-ordinate group attack #Helicopter operations. However, the economic hardships that hit the nation in the late 1980s hampered this new development program. This prompted Kamov's Designer General to choose a modified version of Ka-50 on which to install the recce and target designation system. The modified "Black Shark" required a second crew member to operate the optronics/radar reconnaissance suite. Kamov decided to use side-by-side seating arrangement, due to the verified improvements in co-operation between the crew members. This twin-seat version was designated Ka-52.

Role: Attack helicopter, scout helicopter
National origin: Soviet Union / Russia
Manufacturer: Kamov
First flight: 25 June 1997
Introduction : 28 August 1995
Status: In service
Primary users: Russian Air Force (VVS), Egyptian Air Force
Produced: 1990-present
Number built: Ka-50: 32, Ka-52: 80
Unit cost: $16 million as of May 2011
Developed from: Kamov V-80

Crew: 1
Length: 16.0 m
Rotor diameter: 14.5 m
Height: 4.93 m
Disc area: 330.3 m²
Empty weight: 7,700 kg
Loaded weight: 9,800 kg, 10,400 kg for Ka-52
Max. takeoff weight: 10,800 kg
Powerplant: 2 × Klimov VK-2500 turboshaft, 2,400 shp each

Never exceed speed: 350 km/h in dive
Maximum speed: 315 km/h in level flight
Cruise speed: 270 km/h
Range: 545 km
Combat radius: 470 km
Ferry range: 1,160 km with 4 drop tanks
Service ceiling: 5,500 m operational, 4,000 m hover
Rate of climb: 12 m/s
Disc loading: 30 kg/m²
Power/mass: 0.33 kW/kg

1x mobile semi-rigid 30 mm Shipunov 2A42 cannon (460 rounds total, dual feeding AP or HE-Frag)

4 (6 on Ka-52) under-wing hardpoints, plus 2 on wingtips for countermeasures or air-to-air missiles with a capacity of 2,000 kg and provisions to carry combinations of

80 x 80 mm S-8 rockets and 20 x 122 mm S-13 rocket,

2 x APU-6 Missile racks, able to accommodate a total of 12 9K121 Vikhr anti-tank missiles, Vympel R-73 (NATO: AA-11 Archer) air-to-air missiles, Kh-25 semi-active laser guided tactical air-to-ground

Missiles Bombs:
4x 250 kg bombs or 2x 500 kg bombs,

23 mm UPK-23-250 gun pods (240 rounds each), 500 L (130 US gal) external fuel tanks. Reportedly, twin Igla light air-to-air missile launchers under each wingtip countermeasure pod (total 4 missiles).
Two pods on the wingtips with flare and chaff countermeasure dispensers, 4 UV-26 dispensers each (total 512 chaff/flare cartridges in each pod)
Special thanks to the channel YIR78, for providing us excellent footage video about KA-52 (time info - 03:12 to 03:42)

YIR78 Channel - You can find very good footage:

Original Footage URL:
We are sure, that all the fans of #MilitaryWeapons will find here something related to their interests.
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Remember that these are not toys :)
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