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SMA connecting

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SMA Crimp Connector Installation (5mm /.200" Coax)

Same thing for RP-SMA Male Connectors.

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Larry Hawkins : Wow, I’m impressed, you install that tiny pin with those gloves on. Great video. You are awesome!
VAKACHARLA VENKATA RATNAM : That was a wonderful way for safe communication of signals. Thanks for sharing.
Jesse Osteen : Thanks for the measurements the info helped alot.
Phil Sweden : Greetings from Sweden
Thank you for this video!

I forgot to crimp the pin, you saved me!

Will B : Crimping SMA can be a real pain in the ass. Well done

How To Fit An SMA Connector

Hey Everyone,\r
Join me as I show you how to fit a right angle SMA connector\r
Please like this video if you liked it and if not give suggestions below so that I can make it better for all :)\r
Twitter: Brains933\r
Mark Purcell : Thanks for this. BTW these pinless connectors are called 'reverse polarity' SMA connectors, manufacturers started using these as a work around to RFI standards that prevent people from changing the antenna on equipment, they claimed it was a 'non standard' connector so they could use connectors rather than permanently fixing the antenna. It quickly became common in Chinese equipment and elsewhere.
G Laura : Thanks for a wonderful detailed video, certainly it is helpful for me. I know, but some SMA connectors is unsubstated, usually relying on threads to distinguish SMB connectors.
Kelly Murphy : The one you cut off is an RP-SMA IE Reverse Polarity SMA. RP-SMA is used more in wifi then 2 way like Amateur Radio which are usually standard SMA. I've been looking for an RP-SMA Mag mount for putting a wifi antenna on my car for using Kismit.
J A : Any information on blocking gsm/gprs would be appreciated?
Luis Felipe Urbaneja : Can you make a video on how to make a DIY crc9 connector?




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